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Liquor License Services

I can help you open or buy a restaurant, tavern or liquor store. I helped the Black Eyed Pea get fifteen liquor licenses across Colorado, Hacienda Colorado obtain four licenses in the Denver Metro area and Elway's with its flagship and Vail restaurants, along with dozens of other restaurants, taverns and liquor stores.

Colorado has some complex liquor laws. Let me help simplify the process and avoid unnecessary complications. For example:

  • Before you can get a new liquor license, you must have possession of the property, either own it or have an executed lease. If for some reason you don't get the license, do you have to pay five years rent on the empty space for the lease you just signed? No, not if we make the proper additions to the lease to make it contingent on the license.
  • You also have to show that the inhabitants of the neighborhood need and desire a new license. How do you show that? I'll discuss it with you and talk about witnesses, petitions, and more.
  • Occasionally a landlord finds his or her liquor store tenant has abruptly moved out. Keeping the liquor license alive may be key to finding the next tenant. I can show you how.
  • Are you buying an existing store or tavern? Has the seller paid off all his vendors? How about sales taxes? If not, it's a big problem but we can talk about possible solutions.

Sometimes a liquor store, tavern or restaurant is just the wrong use in particular location. I help the community show that the reasonable requirements of the neighborhood and desires of the inhabitants are already being met and there's no reason for a new license.

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Real Estate and Real Estate Litigation Issues

Real Estate contracts and leases are not only complex, they?re binding. Make sure your sales contract or lease includes the necessary provisions to protect you from the many modern pitfalls. I have the expertise and experience to counsel you on your on your Real Estate contracts, whether you are buyer, seller, landlord, or tenant.

For example, Colorado just created a leasing commission lien. Suppose your dry cleaning tenant renews her lease and a real estate agent claims you owe him a commission on that renewal. The agent can now file a lien and foreclose on your entire building. Make sure your leasing listing agreement says ?NO COMMISSION LIEN.?

When disputes involving real property arise, the matter can seriously affect your home, your business and your livelihood. Issues of this nature need to be resolved in a timely manner, or significant financial loss may occur. If you are involved in a real estate or lease dispute, I have the experience and sense of urgency and business understanding you require.

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General Business Matters

Being in business today means you have to protect yourself. I can help you avoid and solve your business issues. If you are being sued, need to recover assets, or need expert contract services, we are here to help.

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General Litigation

Ultimately, every legal issue could end up in court. If you're sued or are considering filing a lawsuit against another party, I can help you navigate the maze. If settlement is an option, I can consult with you on the proper procedures and filings. In any case, representation by Joel Judd is a good start to solving the problem.

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